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Taxi to the Pulkovo airport | Taxi Pulkovo

Since 2016 "Taxi Pulkovo" has been working in the direction Pulkovo -Saint Petersburg-Pulkovo. Now we carry passengers not only from Pulkovo Airport, but also from the city!

A taxi to the airport - one of the most popular services on the travel market in St. Petersburg..

A few prefer to get to the airport by public transport. Heavy luggage and the absence of comfortable conditions makes some difficulties. Therefore, the majority of passengers prefer to get to the airport by taxi.

Despite the fact that in the direction of St. Petersburg - Pulkovo actively public transport, it is not always convenient for several reasons:

1.Time limit

Usually passengers have not extra time to get to the airport in advance and often they are late. Schedule of buses in this case is a significant drawback. In order not to lose valuable time, it is better to order a taxi to the airport..

2.Heavy or bulky Luggage

With bulky, heavy luggage it is extremely inconvenient to travel to the airport by public transport. The need for a direct commission is very exhausting and takes more time when you are busy hands. Ordering a taxi to the airport, you will get rid of this problem.

3.Pets transportation

Transportation of pets in public transport - excess stress not only for the owner but also for the animal. Facilitate the road itself and limit the already severe stress for the pet will allow our service "taxi to the airport."».

Our driver will arrive at the appointed time, will help you with your luggage and quickly take you right to the door of the desired terminal. Even an urgent call to our taxi cars available at an affordable price.

You can order a taxi online or call +7 812 677-86-35.

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