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Additional supplements | Taxi Pulkovo

We work 24 hours. Ensure the most comfortable trip we offer extra options for you.

детское кресло

1. Child seat/booster

To provide the most safety for your child during the trip please inform the administrator about age and weight of your child. So they will be able to choose a child seat to be installed in your car. We also would like to remind you that according to the requirements of the traffic police, the child seat must be provided with all children aged 0 to 12 years.

перевозка домашних животных

2. Pets transportation

In our taxi there is a place for your favorite furry or smooth-haired friend. We will provide you with a comfortable trip and will do everything to minimize the stress of the animal. Please inform operatoer that you need pet carrier

строгая отчетность

3. Strict accounting form/invoice

If you need to document the cost of a taxi, we will provide all the necessary documents.

большое багажное отделение

4. Cabs with big luggage space

If you need to transport oversize luggage please indicate this    at the time of order. Our operator will select the car with a "universal" body in order to fit all your stuff easily.

перевозка зимнего инвентаря

5. Transportation of winter sports equipment

For fans of recreational sport, we are ready to offer the carriage of skis, snowboards and other sports equipment. In order not to worry about the seat capacity and security equipment, we recommend you to order a minivan.

встреча с табличкой

6. Meeting with a sign at the airport

In order to create a orienting point for arriving passengers, for your convenience our operators will place a sign on the counter.

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