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Assess quality | Taxi Pulkovo

Taxi Pulkovo welcomes You! We value the trust of our passengers and want You to help us become even better! We propose a short survey where You can rate your experience of using a Taxi Pulkovo. We really appreciate Your feedback, so please be honesty.

1. What class of the car do You prefer?

2. Please rate the following parameters on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the worst score and 5 is the highest rating.

2.1. Service at the Taxi Pulkovo’s counter/kiosk.

- how would You rate the speed of checkout

- how would You rate the courtesy and friendliness of the operator who issued You the order

- was it easy for You to find Your car (parking place of the car)

2.2. Your taxi ride

- how would You rate the courtesy and friendliness of the driver

- how would You rate the condition of the car

- how would You rate conditions in the car

2.3. How would You rate the ratio of price and quality

3. In this field You can write a review, what is not enough in Your opinion, what would You want to change.

4. And finally some questions about You. We require this information to allow generalization of survey results and any other way it will not be used.

4.1. Please indicate Your gender

4.2. Please specify the year of Your birth

4.3. Please write the city of Your permanent residence

4.4. Your social status

4.5. How often do You use Taxi Pulkovo service?

4.6. How would You describe Your income?

Thank You for giving us Your time. You make us better! Happy journey!

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