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HOW TO ORDER | Taxi Pulkovo

Make the order in any convenient way

1) Guests who has just arrived in St. Petersburg may go to any counter "Taxi Pulkovo". On the counters you will be greeted by friendly receptionists, who will enter into a purchase order and give instructions. Also they carry out to the car if it will be necessary.

Outside, at the exits of the terminal you will find kiosks "Taxi Pulkovo", where you can also book a taxi.  

2) On-line ordering allow you to pre-order a car from around the world. If you are planning a trip to Saint Petersburg, you can book a meeting with a sign at the airport. On-line calculator count the cost of the trip. You will only have to pay for it when you arrive..

3) During your stay in the city, call a taxi by phone 8 (812) 677 86 35. Operators will inform you on issues of interest.


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Attention!  Dear passengers! Please use the official taxi services. It is highly recommended to book the taxi via Taxi Pulkovo counters and kiosks. Beware of drivers offering self-service. The price and safety cannot be guaranteed.

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